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goop n : street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate [syn: soap, scoop, max, liquid ecstasy, grievous bodily harm, Georgia home boy, easy lay]

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Goop can refer to:
  • A popular all purpose glue creating a flexible bond
  • A tire additive used in slot car racing to increase the traction of the sponge rubber tire on a wooden track surface. It is either applied directly to the tires, or to the track surface. It comes in three different viscosities, depending on its use.
  • A brand of waterless hand cleaner. It can also be used to pre-treat fabrics to get out stains prior to washing.
  • Plasti-Goop or Goop, the raw material in Creepy Crawlers toys
  • An ill-mannered, selfish, grandiose person, described in rhyme with whimsical illustrations by Gelett Burgess in 1900 in GOOPS and How to Be Them: A Manual of Manners for Polite Children which begins:
The Goops they lick their fingers, And the Goops, they lick their knives, They spill their broth on the tablecloth, Oh!, they lead disgusting lives!!

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